In general it is quite easy to underestimate the challenges moving to an other country can pose. Especially if you think that moving to the Netherlands is easy. Either because your German or British and you figure, well it’s around the corner and we are so close, this won’t pose a problem for you. Underestimating the difference of language, mentality and habits, occurring right across the boarder!
Maybe your a first time expat and feel a little overwhelmed by all the new things you need to cope with.
Maybe your an experienced expatriate and figure that this small and very international country is a great place to live (which it is) but therefore your not prepared for the normal expat challenges you will encounter in any country.


Studies show that most expatriates deal with the following issues:

  • Acquaintance to the local culture.
  • Finding new friends – social environment.
  • Learning the new language.
  • Housing.

The non working partners may also be confronted with some other challenges like:

  • Overwhelming feeling of loneliness, (not to be confounded with being homesick) family and friends are far away, your partner might work long hours and you have not yet found a new circle of friends.
  • Insecurity; maybe you have given up your job at home and are now looking for new purpose, maybe it is harder to “ blend in” then expected and you need to become acquainted to the new habits and “ do’s and don’ts” of Holland. The Dutch happen to have a long list of unwritten rules!

When coping with these challenges turns into a 24/7 grinding machine in your head and starts causing problems, you might also experience some other serious issues. Mood swings, anxiety- eating- and sleeping disorders as well as substance abuse and stress related symptoms are a few examples of what could happen.

Understanding the expat challenges very well, I can counsel and help you cope to overcome these issues. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through the contact page or phone.